Highlights of GA/GI Fest 2010

Friday, April 1, 2011

Touchfaster Imaging and Burgh Watching will bring GA/GI to Life

Touch faster first became known to us last year, when we used their amazing
graphics to give to our fledging new festival graphics and to also promote a shiny new wing of it called "Birds, Trees and Robots," which the children's segment of eco and technology activities, wich will again occur on Saturday, April 2 at the Union Project, starting 10 am. Today, Touchfaster boasts a line-up of phenomenal  young pittsburgh talent including Pierce Maratto and Eli Reibich and does a myriad of services including photograhy and events planning. Also watch for GA/GI on Living Pittsburgh's "Brugh Watching" video segments that are being run showing the best of  Penn Avenue's Arts Initiative.

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