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Monday, March 7, 2011

GA/GI Discovery: The Center for Post Natural History

The Center for PostNatural History: An Introduction from Rich Pell on Vimeo.

Rich Pell, CPNH Curator

Center for PostNatural History from Rich Pell on Vimeo.

When Team GA/GI heard that 4913 Penn Avenue (formerly Tweek) had been untweeked, we had to learn what was going in. A few calls later we had the pleasure of talking to Rich Pell, part activist, part artist and low key mad scientist who according to the Kindle Project is " the most subtle bad ass" they've ever encountered. Pell, they, say "works in calculated and brilliant ways, never breaking any rules, while creating something no one has ever seen." We couldn't be happier that this Smithsonian Fellow chose Penn Avenue as the location to present his grand experiment which he says is simply to get people to "take a closer look at things they take for granted." This led Pell to advance the concept of The Center for Post Natural History or CPNH, a public outreach venue dedicated to the intersection of culture, nature and biotechnology.

Said Pell, "People need to consider the impact they have on living organisms, how we divide our resources, and how we use our food supply. We need to think those thoughts and hang out with them."

During GA/GI festival goers will get their first dose of what Pell plans to offer at his new Center when it officially opens in June 2011. He chose Penn Avenue for his location because of its diversity. "I don't want to be talking to only one kind of person, " he explained. "I love the broad range of people in the Friendship/Garfield area, and I want people from all over to come here and be fascinated!"

Well, there is no telling what Pell plans to present to the public on GA/GI Night, April 1. So, when the sun goes down that evening,  join the watch at the windows of 4913 Penn!

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