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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alloy hosts Improv Jam @ GA/GI

Dance Alloy is thrilled to invite the community to their home for a new and fresh celebration of creativity. For April’s GA/GI @ Unblurred event, they will be hosting THE CITRUS SERIES.  This is an Improv Jam and Informal Showcase that was founded by Alloy’s own Jasmine Hearn, a relatively new addition to the company. Jasmine started the series to create a safe environment where she could immerse herself into her art. Before too long, the Improv Jams grew to where several fellow students and artists were joining together to share in the experience. With what started as just one dancer in the studio has evolved into a beloved event that has been hosted in various spaces throughout Pittsburgh. 

Hearn explains her inspiration, “If we are missing an experience then we should do it ourselves, create it ourselves. I thought maybe other people need a safe place too.”

Dancers, poets, musicians, photographers, anyone that would like to share in this inspiring atmosphere, please join us for this enriching evening.  It will be a pay-what-you-can event to help sustain our mission and to further promote and encourage the arts community. The night is not only to dance, but to sing, play instruments, or even just watch. Come share the creative energy with fellow artists! For other GA/GI event information check our schedule link in the left column of this blog.

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