Highlights of GA/GI Fest 2010

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hip Hop and Lock positively Likes GA/GI

Students from the Hip Hop on Lock Project, located in East Liberty and run by local music mogul, Emmai Alaquiva, will participate in GA/GI Fest to enhance their writing talents and share their positive energy. They'll get a special session to check out the work of Craigslist Tunes producer Gian Carlos De-Silva Jesus (see story below) on Friday, April 1. Then, on April 2, they'll participate in a special story-telling workshop with SpeakLife, spoken word artists who attend Duquesne University. The workshop is one component of GA/GI Day for Kids at the Union Project's Open House on April 2. Other GA/GI Day participants included David Edwards with his solar powered metal flower, Healthy Family Apps organized by Jia Ji, and hands-on eco art activities coordinated by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. For more check our GA/GI events schedule at the top of the page.

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